Program Oncologisch Treffen 2019:

The congress is fully booked!!

Preliminary program ONCOlogisch Treffen 2019

Oral Oncology in Dogs and Cats: something to chew on!

Saterday 9 february
Chairman: Janos Butinar

08.30-09.00 Registration & coffee

09.00-09.15 Congress opening

09.15-10.00 Proliferative oral lesions
Nadine Meertens: ‘Introduction: how to differentiate proliferative oral lesions?’
Frank Verstraete: ‘How to biopsy oral tumors?’

10.00 -11.00 Staging of an oral tumor patient: what are the biggest limitations?
Laura Marconato: ‘How to stage an oral tumour – what is mandatory & what is advisable?’
Randi Drees: ‘Overview of radiographic images of non-oncologic versus oncologic features’

11:00-11.05 NKFD
Bart de Leeuw: introduction of NKFD & ‘Johan de Vos Award’

11.05-11.30 Coffee break
11.30-12.30 Odontogenic & Non-odontogenic oral tumors:
Randi Drees: ‘How to determine where the borders of the tumor are?’
Nadine Meertens: ‘Introduction to odontogenic tumor types’
Nadine Meertens: ‘Overview of non-odontogenic tumor types’

12.30-13.15 Lunch

13.15-14.00 Oral squamous cell carcinoma: differences between dogs and cats
Frank Verstraete: ‘Clinical features’
Jérôme Benoît: ‘What case to treat and what CAT not to treat’
Laura Marconato: ‘Which medical strategies are possible & when they are indicated’

14.00-14.15 Time for questions & panel discussion, all speakers


14.15-14.35 HiLo oral fibrosarcoma: a wolf in sheep clothes
Frank Verstraete & Nadine Meertens

14.35-15.00 Coffee break

15.00-16.30 Oral Melanoma session
Canine oral malignant melanoma: can we turn it into a chronic disease with a multimodal treatment approach?
Laura Marconato: ‘Biological behavior’
Nadine Meertens: ‘Prognostic indicators & the role of immunohistochemistry’
Randi Drees: ‘Staging’
Frank Verstraete: ‘Surgery, size does matter’
Jérôme Benoît: ‘Radiation therapy results’
Laura Marconato: ‘Chemo, vaccins & other possible treatments’

16.30-17.15 Time for cases, questions & panel discussion

17.15-18.45 Drinks at the bar

18.45 Dinner 








Sunday 10 february
Chairman: Bart van Goethem

08.30-9.00 Welcome with coffee

9.00-9.25 Comparative Oncology
Laura Marconato: ‘Canine Oral Melanoma & Feline Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma as a model for human medicine’

9.25-9.40 Preparation of the oral cavity for surgical procedure or radiation treatment
Frank Verstraete: ‘The rules of thumb’

9.40-11.00 Principles of oral oncologic surgery and planning
Randi Drees: ‘Teamwork with the surgeon and post-op team’
Frank Verstraete: ‘To cut & to close, teamwork with your imager and post-op team’
Nadine Meertens: ‘Trimming methods & Margin evaluation’

11.00-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-12.15 Radiation treatment for oral tumors
Jérôme Benoît: ‘A practical session’

12.15-12.30 Time for questions & panel discussion

12.30-13.15 Lunch break

13.15-14.30 Happily ever after?
Frank Verstraete: ‘How to monitor your patiënt post-op & post-radiation’
Jérôme Benoît: ‘Dealing with early and late side effects of radiation treatment for oral tumors’

14.30-15.15 How to deal with complications of surgery and radiation therapy:
Frank Verstraete: ‘Ethical aspects & recent advances in oral tumor surgery’

15.15-15.45 Time for questions & panel discussion

15.45-16.00 Closing Ceremony


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